Monday, January 25, 2010

Got to Get it Together

This past week I have felt more productive than I have in months. I've been fighting to stave off this general lethargy that tends to come over me and has me feel defeated. To help myself I have done a bunch of things in the name of Getting My Shit Together™:
  • Checked out a plethora of books
  • Set up a reading schedule
  • Have written down most of the important dates I need to look at for the coming months
  • Began taking care of some overdue optical business
I know this is basically a self-serving post, but it's serving a purpose. It's an excuse to write something, even if it only really matters to me. It's a place to look so I can remind myself that I can get organized and I do not need to feel defeated all the damn time. Also, props to you folks who have been incredibly supportive of me these past few months.

Upcoming agenda:
  • Massive top to bottom cleaning of my apartment
  • Register for a fall class (Structure of English)
  • Officially change major 
  • Lots and lots and lots of reading
I'm sure there's more on that list, but at the moment I cannot remember what. Hello Monday morning!


  1. Are you changing your major to what I think you're changing your major to?