About the Blog:
I started The Fix Is In in 2009 as a place to wax philosophical on "maintenance, ministry, media, and mankind." It took almost two years for me to realize that I never really discussed half of that equation; as it isn't really my forte, I didn't talk ministry much and even though I work full time as a maintenance technician, I don't like discussing the details of my job online, nor could I adequately describe what I do at work. Once I had realized this, I set out for a new focus.

Humans, Humanities, and a Huge Manatee.

  • I love writing about people and the things they do. People are fascinating and writing about them is a pleasure ("Mankind in the old tagline).
  • I love music, books, film, and art. Again, talking about these things makes me happy ("Media" from the old tagline). 
  • I approach the world with an absurd sense of humor and hope my writing can convey as much. (I hope from both taglines you've noticed my love for alliteration.)
So that's this blog in a nutshell, some guy on the internet writing about the world around him while hoping to be funny, or at least entertaining.  

About me:
I moved to the Pacific Northwest in December of 2005 and never left. I attended and subsequently dropped out of a small private university in Kirkland, WA. I currently serve in their maintenance department, but aspire to return to full time classes in the Fall of 2011 as an English major.