Rick ● Story (リク物語) - A Seattleite moves to Japan to teach English and become incredible

Awa Girl - The chronicles of a JET

Non Skweeter - The personal blog of a freelance writer

Amanda's Adventures - The travels of a Southern Californian

Running at the Roar - Odds and ends, random thoughts, and reflections

Everyone is Gay... - and advice on dealing with it

A Bad Case of the Dates - The world's worst dates, e-mails, and dating website profiles for your amusement

Hyperbole and a Half - Hilarious stories and pictures from someone who probably isn't a robot

Reviewers and Such:
That Guy With The Glasses - Home of the Nostalgia Critic, and numerous other review shows

Furuba Radio Drama - JesuOtaku presents a radio drama adaptation of Fruits Basket, also hosted on TGWTG.

The Cinema Snob - Brad Jones' website featuring The Cinema Snob, Kung Tai Ted, and Brad Tries

Cinemassacre Productions - The Angry Video Game... Nerd!

The Spoony Experiment - Where bad games and movies get hurt back.