Thursday, January 14, 2010

Calling All Readers

I have made two resolutions this year that have an impact each other.

1. Read more
2. Write more

I am having a bit of an issue getting started on these. I have been thinking for the past couple of weeks and have decided that I need to create deadlines for myself. I need your help, though. I need help creating a deadline for myself. What sort of schedule do I make? What will be the consequences should I fail to make the deadlines? I also need help being accountable for upholding my schedules. I would greatly appreciate if anyone who reads my blog would hold me to it.

So, are we in this together? I hope we are.


  1. I could bang on your door daily to check up on you, then refuse to speak to you if you've slacked off. Would that work?

  2. Okay. You can't set reading deadlines until you have books selected and in hand. Then, you sort of anticipate a reasonable amount of time to read a certain number of pages, multiply that by the number of pages in each book, add maybe a day for grace period, and you have a deadline. Repeat ad infinitum or till you run out of 2010.

    Everyone has a different writing process. Some people work best with deadlines and forcing themselves to sit down and write. I personally work best from a more organic "feed it and let it come when it will" process.