Sunday, October 3, 2010

Broken Silence

I have an incredible amount of guilt in this moment. I've sat back and kept silent about something I am quite passionate about for a long time. I've kept silent out of fear. I have kept silent because I didn't want my coworkers to know how I felt about this. I've been afraid that they would reject me and that they would treat me as less than human.

I have reached my breaking point. I can no longer keep my silence in this. I no longer care what others may say or think. I can no longer remain complacent. I cannot be idle while the problem gets worse.

Facts: I'm a straight male. I'm an advocate for homosexuality. I was a victim of bullying in my youth.


Watch this:


Tyler Clementi

Seth Walsh

Asher Brown

Read those names slowly. Say them aloud. They are not statistics, but human beings. They had friends, family, loved ones, and they are all dead because of bullying. This very fact fills me with disgust and outrage. As someone who has been bullied, someone who has been beaten up and tossed over a chain link fence, thrown in a dumpster amongst many other horrid things, I cannot believe this shit still goes on. It's abhorrent and completely repulsive.

With that, I have several things I feel I have to say to several different groups.

To the friends and loved ones of gay teens:

Keep being the support system they need.

Love them. Mein Gott im Himmel love them.

Do allow them to suffer silently.

Do not be silent.


To the parents of these teens:

Tell your children you love them.

Let them know things get better.

Make sure they know that not everyone in the world will treat them like dirt because of who they are.


To bullies:

Change your ways and turn toward love. If not, then you can rot for what I care. I genuinely hope you'll turn toward love.


To the parents of bullies:

Pay attention to what your children are doing.

Make time for them.

Hold them accountable for what they are doing with and to their peers.

Make sure they know that you love them and why they're responsible for their actions.


To gay and/or bullied teens:

People will love you no matter what.

Stay strong. It
I promise.


The key component here, for everybody involved, is love. It's a thing everyone deserves. Can we try to do this for each other from now on? Can we show love?


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