Friday, October 22, 2010

The Best in the Biz.

Howdy, Scribblings.

So, things have been a bit dour around this here blog of late. Very serious business going on. I'm going to take a brief break from that to bring you something near and dear to me: grammar!

First of all this is a fantastic grammar blog. I enjoy reading this immensely because it gives helpful tips on word forms (how many adjectives can you string together?) as well as interesting words you'd never hear otherwise (Verdurous is an amazing word). Give it a look. It's run by the fantastic people over at OWL.

The OWL website is a fantastic resource for writing tips, current MLA and APA style guides, ESL teaching tips, and even provides links to open writing jobs. If you're a professional writer, a student, or just a hobbyist, these sites are fantastic.

And since I'm plugging things today, I'd also like to add this:

My friend Meghan is an avid reader. She's practically rabid about it. She would love to recommend books for you to read, and she does just that. All you have to do is pop over to her new site, Ask Parliament Books and read some stellar book reviews by this delightfully loquacious bibliophile.  

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