Tuesday, September 22, 2009

God in the Gutters

Having spent the last couple days playing with gutters and rooftops I've learned some things:
  1. I am, by no means, afraid of heights. It's the falling part that seems a bit irksome.
  2. Zinc strips are a fascinating concept, but an irritating practice.
  3. ALL downspouts should have some type of perforated covering to keep them from getting clogged
  4.  In general, gutters are not complicated, despite what all you throw in the shopping cart for the repairs.
  5. The most gorgeous, even tempered day on the planet will seem downright hot on top of a roof.
  6. The concept of a Fiddler on the Roof makes so much more sense now...
  7. When the label says "Do not make contact with skin or eyes" it's best to listen
  8. Seriously. When you get the powdered moss killer in your eye, it hurts.


I've been getting quite edgy at work lately. I mean, I'm usually fairly easy to wind up, but a good portion of that is entertainment. However this recent edginess seems to stem from... well I'm not quite sure where. I've been giving it a lot of thought today. Now, I claim I work a thankless job, but that's simply not the case. There are many lovely people who truly appreciate the work that is done for them. I appreciate those people. However, I've read, and heard in various places that it takes ten "Good jobs" to undo one "You jerk." So, as much as I appreciate the thanks of the people I serve, it sadly does not outweigh those occasions where someone says in "Oh! You're actually fixing something!" (Yes. This is something I have had said to me... and quite recently). The complimentary comments, sadly do not undo the snide remarks and subtle jabs. The vast amounts of appreciative people have not been able to alleviate the harm done by those that see me and my ilk as no more than monkeys sent to change light bulbs.

So what do I do about this? After all, I am not set on the Earth to earn the accolades of men. I'm not working to be thanked. I tell myself this frequently, but it doesn't seem to be enough right now. However, I think this insight may be a step in the right direction. I need to start shrugging off the cruelness of others... I must serve them, regardless of how they speak. I must also accept those times of thankfulness with great humility. After all, any thanks that goes to me, belongs directly to God.


Random jargon:
For the first time since moving here, I went to a Sunday night service at St. Mark's on Capitol Hill. Amazing
I have the two most amazing women of God back in my life after what seems like far too long of a separation. Futurama is back in 2010. MST3K makes me smile. 


The mind weighs heavy, the eyes grow weary, and vice versa. Fatigue grows on me like a moss. It has a life of its own and it is slowly growing and taking me over. My body is racked. I wake up sore every morning. I grow more irritable. I grow careless, ending up with more cuts and bruises... more scars for the collection.

Yet every morning I wake up for one more round. Every morning I get up, and though I am exhausted I face the day. Every morning comes with renewed strength that is not my own. Praise be to the God who grants it.

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