Thursday, November 29, 2012

Comedy, Gender, and So Forth.

Obligatory bullcrap about my not posting stuff. 

If you know me, I like to be funny. Or at least I like to think I'm funny. I could be dead wrong. But you know who is funny? Jen Kirkman. Jen has been in this comedy game longer than I have and she's got quite the flare for it. One of my favorite shows she wrote for is Home Movies. She has a new book, I Can Barely Take Care of Myself... (Details here).

She's also kinda sick of being objectified. I implore you all to please go read this:

I agree with her. Female comedians don't need to put up with this kind of bullshit. In reality, no woman does; however, for the sake of scope, we're going with female comedians specifically. Sartre may argue that objectification is only natural, but let me tell you, I think Sartre is a bunch of crap. This sort of behavior is unwarranted. And eventually this behavior leads to articles like this:

Maybe it's my inner idealist, but women shouldn't have to write blog posts and articles like this. Men should not have to speak out on their behalf, either. But the reality is that we all have to because the problem doesn't seem to be going away. Despite what Adam Corolla (that's a timely reference, right? Are people still mad at him?) thinks, women are hilarious. Hell, Jen Kirkman is way funnier than a lot of guys I know and it's not because she's a woman. She is just damn good at what she does. Some of the funniest writers I wish to emulate are women. 

Just as a side-note, one of the comments Jen says she gets goes along the line of “I used to think you’re funny but you’re acting hysterical and like a bummer.” Folks, let's be real. No one is funny all the time, even if it's their job. She's human. She has thoughts, feelings, and concerns. And no one should have to shy away from voicing them.

So, as I said on Twitter, I am no male comedian and she sure as hell doesn't know me, so I may not count in this, but as a male, and as a humorist of any kind, I voice my support for Jen Kirkman and any other female comedians on the shit end of this equality-stick.

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