Thursday, October 29, 2009


When I started this blog, I was hoping for something. I was hoping the bug to write would overtake me again. I was hoping that my loquacious nature would translate into something more constructive. Yet, since I started "writing" again, I cannot find things I truly want to write about.

This is partly because I feel like I'm not doing anything worth writing about. Yes I am going out more (read: at all). Yes I am enjoying myself more these days. I can even say I'm content with where I am. However, I just do not feel like I'm doing anything, or even thinking about anything that is worth writing about. Sure I could post movie/TV/music reviews (too many to find a starting place/don't watch anymore/not really liking anything new), discuss books I am reading (ashamed to admit I am making very little progress on), work stuff (probably boring to many), or "God stuff" (often feel unqualified and inadequate to discuss intellectually or artistically).

While I should be using this space more frequently, I just can't find the things I want to talk about. I find so many people who say things in a much more eloquent manner than I can even muster. Now, this doesn't mean I'll be giving up on The Fix is In. I suppose all I'm doing is trying to justify and rationalize my inability to write more. I'll keep trying to plug away at this, but my posts will be spotty at best. But to those who do come here, and have enjoyed what little is here, thanks.

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  1. When you try to hard to put your words down it seems you hit a wall. Pick something you are passionate about and let the words flow from your heart. It matters not the subject. It can be about things from your childhood, your experiences when you moved, how day to day living was different in Washington compared to New York. I know you have stories locked up in your head... you just need to let them out. We all think that what we have to say isn't as important or thought prevoking as the next person but, that shouldn't stop you from writing.
    Use a journal to jot down thoughts and go from there.